Building Process

Our core values embrace sustainability and eco design.

Architecture is about making a statement. Good design should enhance our lifestyle, be functional and be a reflection of ourselves or our company. We strive to create buildings which fulfil our clients vision for generations to come.

We continually rely upon our extensive experience and knowledge of the site: its people, climate, history and beauty to provide appropriate design solutions.

Step 1 – Project Brief

To start the process we will meet with you at our office and complete a confidential Project Brief. To do this you will be asked to think about various aspects of your new home including some you may not have yet considered including:

• special features of your land
• the “look” you want your home to reflect
• the shape, size, and number of rooms you need
• special features you may want included
• your budget
• your building timetable
• any work you may wish to do yourselves

Our aim is to establish exactly what is important to you in your new home.

Step 2 – Your Project Assessment

Following our initial meeting we will assess your responses and prepare a written report suggesting the potential size of your home and an estimated building budget.

Step 3 – Design Fee

At this point, if you think our Building Process can satisfy your needs, we will ask you to pay a Preliminary Design Fee of $6500*.

You meet with our designer again, on your land, to discuss your project in greater detail.

Step 4 – Site Investigation and Assessment

On your behalf we now commission a contour survey and an engineering investigation to ensure that the slopes of your land and any special engineering requirements are considered in our design solutions. We also check with the relevant authorities about any special building or design requirements that may affect your development.

Step 5 – Design and Budget Development

Our designer now develops your first draft design based on your Project Brief and our on-site discussions. At this point your involvement in the design process increases. If, after considering the first draft, you want to make changes, a second draft will be prepared. The building cost impact of any changes will be discussed with you prior to proceeding further.

Step 6 – Final Design and Investment Proposal

After fine-tuning your design and budget we prepare your final draft sketch including a floor plan and one or two elevations and your Guaranteed Investment Proposal.

Armed with this information you can now move forward confidently to the next step of the BUILDING process.

Step 7 – Plan Fee

Assuming our design and cost calculations meet your approval you are now asked to pay a Plan Fee calculated to cover the costs of preparing full architectural and engineering plans, calling tenders, home-owner warranty insurance premiums and the statutory fees necessary to gain development and building approvals. These costs are included in your Investment Proposal.

Step 8 – Working Drawings and Council Approval

After some possible further fine-tuning your working drawings will be presented for your final approval. We then submit your development application to Council and, on approval, to the selected Principal Certifying Authority for issue of a construction certificate.

Step 9 – Specification Development

While the approval processes take place, we will guide you to finalise the details of the individual components of your home. It’s good fun and our experienced staff are with you all the way.

Step 10 – Building Agreement

When all approvals are received and financial negotiations complete your Building Agreement is prepared. You are given a copy of all the documents concerned in ample time to obtain whatever advice you consider necessary prior to signing.

Step 11 – Construction

About two weeks after contracts are signed building work begins on site. A site foreman/carpenter is appointed to oversee day-to-day site activities, organise tradesmen, material deliveries and progress in general.

You are kept informed of progress by our office and through regular site meetings with company representatives.

Our construction manager and designer inspect your project regularly and discuss with you any issues that arise during construction.

At other critical stages the engineer, surveyor, and Principal Certifying Authority also carry out inspections. You make Progress Payments as agreed and if you choose to vary your contract (an extra power point perhaps) you approve the cost of work, in writing, beforehand so you remain in full control of your budget.

Step 12 – Completion

Your home will be finished within a Guaranteed Completion Time and within budget. You inspect it thoroughly and, when you are completely satisfied, make your final payment and take possession.

Step 13 – Moving In

You still have plenty to do – moving in, familiarising yourself with your new living environment and so on – but you can relax knowing that RockSolid Homes provides a unique Lifetime Guarantee and is always there to help you.

* Prices subject to change without notice.